Telvium Hair Grow Spray

The best Hair Treatment for Stronger, Thicker Hair.

Repair Hair Follicles, All Hair Types, Men and Women

Are you looking for a hair growth product that actually works?

Hair loss is a common problem that can affect both men and women. It’s not just about thinning hair, it’s also about balding and receding hairlines.

You deserve to have healthy-looking hair that makes you feel confident in every situation life throws at you.

Here is a simple test to know if you are losing hair ...;

Do not wash your hair for two to three days. Then pull on the hair from your crown and temples. If more than 5 strands of hairs come out in your hands, it is worth paying attention to....... Also take note if there is a white nail (bulb) on the end of the fallen hair. If not, chances are you are just fine. Remember, active hair loss can be one of the first signs of a disease or disorder in the body. Therefore, it is time to start using Telvium...!

Telvium™ hair grow spray is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s made with natural ingredients and has no side effects, so it can be used by anyone who wants to regrow their hair. This solution is a scalp and hair follicle stimulator to help your existing hairs become thicker, stronger, and longer while also encouraging new growth.

It's 100% natural, without any of the negative side effects.

Years of testing and development have gone into Telvium ™, the Effective Leave-In Formula Delivers Powerful Ingredients To The Roots Of Your Hairs -Restore Thickness & Length In Weeks Not Months.

  1. Spray
  2. Rub
  3. Forget...

Hair Loss Treatment For Men And Women With All Types Of Hair (Thinning Or Balding)

Yes, it is really simple. Spray, Rub and Forget. Within weeks you will experience new hair growth. Your hair will no longer continue to fall out every day. See how beautiful your new hair will look once it has fully been restored to its once natural glory. Shiny and incredibly luxurious hair. This spray will make your existing hairs stronger and healthier than ever before! 

For best results, shake well and spray on scalp daily after shampooing. 

You see advertisements on the Internet which claim that products with Caffeine, keratin and Collagen, and many types of other chemicals, can help to regrow hair. This information is inaccurate. Most hair loss shampoos and treatments only add false thickness, while adding residues and follicle blockages to your scalp. Most of the products can also cause allergic reactions and irritations. 

Often, the composition of these options include Minoxidil. This substance is addictive and when you stop , hair loss starts again with greater intensity.

The best part about Telvium is that it works for all types of hair – whether it be thinning or balding. This means no matter what type of hair you have, the solution is here! Plus, the formula doesn’t leave any residue on your scalp so there are no worries about greasy roots or dryness from over-washing your locks. Get started today by clicking the link below to order yours now!

Telvium is 100% Natural!

Let me say that again. - ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS... This special decoction of natural herbs is made to Unblock and feed the hair roots. This hair growth spray combines 10+ nutrient ingredients to help nourish hair follicles and reduce hair loss. It can be easily absorbed into your hair and scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Telvium nourishes the roots and unblocks the follicles at the same time - It's like a detox for your scalp!

Telvium hair grow  spray works wonders on thinning or balding areas of the scalp as well as overall thinning due to age or stress related conditions such as alopecia (hair loss).

Telvium hair grow spray

Take a look below and see for yourself. If you can find another product anywhere like this, we will buy it for you.


You Can't Go Wrong With This Incredible Guarantee 

We're so absolutely sure that Telvium™ will help you that we're offering an unconditional, No-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason Telvium™ does not satisfy you in any way within 60 days from your purchase. we'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 60 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. We will always refund our money. 


Money Back Guarantee

Get your confidence back by having fuller, healthier looking locks then use Telvium™! We guarantee that it will work for you or we will give you your money back!  So there's no reason not to try out this amazing product !

Get yours today and experience life without worrying about how great your head looks again.

Telvium Customer Reviews

This hair loss has been around for years and I've been wearing a wig. My Friend Jack  recommended it and I've tried it my God it's a big change I've used it before and this is a great time to buy it again and make a comment for this product.

Richard Simpson Jr  //  Malaga, Spain

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By Jason Y. on February 20 |  Verified Purchase

I chose Telvium spray, which is extracted from pure herbal medicine and has no irritating ingredients. After receiving it, I applied it. I feel quite good.

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A Great Product

By Ian A. Olin on February 28 |  Verified Purchase

I have always had very little hair, I’ve tried a lot of things to make my hair grow, but unfortunately nothing has worked. Until I met Telvium, I used it every morning and evening, I found my hair, seemed to have a little change. A few tiny hair grew out. I have to say , the effect is really good.

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By Scott M. Hand. on February 20 |  Verified Purchase

Feels like a beard is growing underneath my normal hair :)

“Just rubbing my hand through my hair I can feel 2 layers of hair, the normal hair, and a layer of short prickly stubble coming in. Feels like a beard is growing underneath my normal hair, I guess this is the best product to regrow new hair.”

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Stopped Hair Fall

By Christina Primazon on January 17 |  Verified Purchase

I'm using this in the front of my hair. I've lost a lot of hair from putting my glasses up in my hair when I don't need them. I've only used it for a few days, but I can say it's easy to use, smells nice and doesn't burn your scalp. The bottle is small, only 5" tall but it sprays well. It contains 30 mls. of product. I will update at one months time.

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Works for baldness

By Emmy Gaveau on January 11 |  Verified Purchase

This product works for baldness and stopped hair falling out.

My hair is falling out and I have two bald spot. Since using this product, my hair stopped falling out, it feels thicker and I can see new growth on my bald spots. I have tried many products and this one surprised me. It is working and I’m very happy. Ready to place another order.

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In progress

By Latisha Hobson. on February 05 |  Verified Purchase

I’ve been using the hair serum and I’m really happy with the result for being 2/3 of the way through my first bottle. I see improvement already.

Thank you so much for this product.

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"I love this product!..."

By Rebecca Grossman on January 21 |  Verified Purchase

Since having my daughter 3 months ago, I've noticed how much hair fall I've had compared to the fullness of before pregnancy. I was sick of having clumps of hair falling out while taking a shower! I was willing to try anything, so I started using Telvium Spray. I've been using it for a month, and I can say without a doubt that I have nearly no hair fall already.

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Great Product

By Ella Otoole. on February 18 |  Verified Purchase

"My hair feels much stronger after using Telvium, and healthier..."

After a few babies, my hair isn't at its greatest. But now with this Spray - I'm experiencing less breakage and less hair falling out. That is a win for me. I'll continue to use it because I like the benefits it's giving. The pump design is so easy and comfortable to use; I really like the Herbal smell of Telvium, it is fantastic. I think Telvium would work for women of all ages.

Thank you so much for this product.

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Great Product

By Saginaw on Oct 21 |  Verified Purchase

"I wish I started using Telvium two years ago .."

So far after a month and a half, my hair looks and feels healthier. Going to try three months see how it improves from there. I’m happy with the results, and it smells nice I thought it was going to smell like chemicals or strong. I recommend Telvium to anyone looking for healthier hair ..I wish I started using this two years ago

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Amazing product

By Springfield. on July 05 |  Verified Purchase

"I have been using Telvium for a month and wanted to review it as it's already done wonders for my hair.."
I can tell my hair is getting a lot stronger and I see less and less falling out in my brush. I'm very impressed with Telvium.

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Natural ingredient

By Beverly Mosley on Jun 21 |  Verified Purchase

"I like the ingredient profile of Telvium..."

It's too early to tell for long-term hair loss prevention, but so far I enjoy Telvium Spray. It has an herbal smell which some may or may not like, but it didn't bother me. My hair feels very nice after using it and I can't wait to see how it helps my hair in the coming months.

I also like the ingredient profile of Telvium,
I think no other product in the market has these ingredients
. Also the price is great since

I used the ultrax labs which was like $50 with even less critical ingredients.

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Special OFFER...BUY 4 and GET  2 BOTTLES FREE!!



1 - Shampoos for hair growth

Easy to use: Just wash your hair with it and rinse it out

With good products and correct application they can promote hair growth
Good results over time

The composition of shampoos always includes chemicals, while your hair is already weakened and falling out. Manufacturers suggest that these chemicals are good for your hair. At best, these include dyes and preservatives, but more often, they also include parabens and LSN.

The second problem is their inefficiency. Shampoos have to be washed out. Even if you keep the foam in your hair for several minutes and even if the manufacturer says that the shampoo contains useful substances, vitamins or trace elements, they simply will not have time to soak into the skin. Once you rinse your hair, it completely washes away the shampoo.

2. Injections for the scalp

With good products and correct application they can promote hair growth
Good results over time

You need a prescription to purchase.
The impossibility of independent application.
In many injectable preparations there are unsafe preservatives that may enter the bloodstream. The results may be unpredictable.
The morbidity of the procedure, because of multiple of injections to the scalp.
Very high cost.

3. Lotions and tonics applied by means of creams, liquids or sprays

Ability of home daily use
Comparatively affordable price

Aesthetics: hair looks dirty and not well-groomed; hard to rinsed out.
Allergic reactions and irritation because of products containing chemical components.
Often, the composition of these options include Minoxidil. This substance is addictive and when you stop using the drug, hair loss begins again with greater intensity.

Telvium is designed specifically to promote healthier-looking locks while also encouraging new growth - all without any harmful chemicals or dangerous side effects like those found in other products on the market today! Get started now with our amazing product!



Really an effective tool, the effectiveness of which is clinically proven to work


A natural remedy made on the basis of organic plant components .


A product that contains vitamins and microelements necessary to  promote hair growth.


A product that does not contain LSN, parabens, caffeine and other chemical components.


Non addictive, does not contain minoxidil, caffeine


Telvium™ does not destroy the appearance of the hair after application. Non-sticky formula. 


Very affordable - And suitable for easy home use


A product that is one and done. No need for a multitude of different products. Telvium™ is the one-stop solution.

TELVIUM™ Natural hair regeneration treatment


Different from others, Telvium can effectively stimulate the growth of collagenIt stimulates hair regrowth by destroying harmful proteins...! It Protects hair follicles from DHT and feed the hair.

Speed Up your Hair Growth Like Never Before ...!


Regrow hair With Telvium™, use as directed, and you will see an amazing transformation with your hair.

***>>> The fact is: it can’t be any easier. It takes just 32 seconds to securely order online! We made it so easy to get that you don’t have a single, valid excuse for refusing to grab it for yourself! Even the cost is so small in relation to the benefits you will receive. All YOU need to do is click below and place your order. Telvium will be on the way to your front door!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Nothing short of miraculous are the words that come to mind when you see the results for yourself...!

Once only available to professionals...

For years, we only sold this to professionals, this organic liquid miracle is the perfect formula for this problem. With Telvium™ you can help promote the regrowth of hair. Penetrating well below the scalp, this special decoction of natural herbs will help reduce hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Telvium™ is 1, 2 knock-out punch for Androgenetic alopecia, Telogen Effluvium and Traction alopecia. See amazing results in first few Weeks;


  1. Eight organic natural extracts that have the power to stop hair loss
  2. Powerful natural ingredients specifically designed to regrow beautiful hair.

P.S.:Telvium is a special blend is specifically engineered help stimulate hair regrowth by destroying harmful proteins on contact. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY AS EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. WE OFFER A 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED FOR ANY REASON.